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This a podcast about people's experience with the church! We want to create a culture and community that talks about the church -- what we love, what we hate, what we've experienced, and why it matters to us!
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Jun 2, 2018

Hey listeners,

We wanted to wrap up Season 1 and look forward to Season 2 this Fall. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! Fill out the survey below and share your thoughts with us to shape season 2.




Thanks so much for listening. We'll see you back on this RSS feed for Season 2 in the Fall of 2018.



hosted by: Chris Randazzo & Taylor Hendrick

music by: Marco Randazzo


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Feb 9, 2018
We’re so honored to have Bill Pinto as our guest for this episode. He’s a friend, mentor, and neighbor to the show. Bill is a Cobb County native, pastoral counselor, lawyer and on staff at Chris's church — River City Church.
He shares his story with us, we get into some life-in-process conversations, and we answer a listener’s question about prayer! Plus... Bill originates his now-famous "half-gallon of ice cream" metaphor! We talk about ice cream for a while… metaphorically speaking.
Jan 6, 2018

Jordan is a friend of ours and a pastor at River City Church in Smyrna, GA (where Chris goes to church). We talk about Jordan's experience being a pastor, his journey through not liking church for a while, and much more! 

Church Website:

________Jordan's Book List_________

Anything by A.W. Tozer (Knowledge of the Holy is my favorite)

The Mission of God’s People by Christopher Wright (this is the one we discussed on air that’s a little easier to read than the Mission of God)

(Re)Aligning with God by Brian Russell (uses a missional hermeneutic for approaching the biblical narrative)

Resident Aliens by Hauerwas and Willimon (a great book on the nature and identity of the church)

Everyday Church by Chester and Timmis (easy read on the identity of the church)

Community by Brad House (pragmatic book on church small groups)

Shrink by Tim Suttle (a good look at how the heart of church is small discipleship over big programs)

They Found the Secret by Edman (great book that explores the experiences of popular historic Christians and their experiences with the Holy Spirit)



Music by Marco Randazzo

Produced by Chris Randazzo