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In my personal life the last 5 years or so I’ve sort of represented the voice of critique for the church. And while I don’t plan on avoiding critique on this show, I still think its very needed, I hope to make this podcast a form of encouragement towards something, and inspiration for a way to live, a reconstruction of how the Church can be for each of us.
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Dec 17, 2017

Today we get to talk to Bryson Smith! We met Bryson a few months back from following the same podcasts, and we realized we had many mutual friends! Bryson is a former pastor who processes with us why and how he left the church and what is has been like to navigate faith over the course of his life. We talk about church history, not having certainty, and everything in between. Find Bryson on twitter at @sbryson176.

Oct 16, 2017

Craig is a pastor's kid. But 5 years ago his father committed suicide. Craig shares with us his dad's story as a pastor, as well as what his life has been like the last 5 years.


Oct 8, 2017

Addison Howard is good friend of the show! He has an incredible perspective with his unique background in church, his experience in "nerd school" from high school through grad school, and then moving out to Denver to help with a church plant.

He currently takes up residence in Castle Rock, CO. He's helped plant Front Range Christian Church -- -- where he now serves as an elder. The elder who is younger! 

Special thanks to:

Marco Randazzo -- Writer and Performer of theme song.

Addison Howard -- for being our first remote guest!

Martie Hendrick -- for letting us record at the Hendrick home for this episode! 

Jun 23, 2017

Aimee Miller came over for dinner and to share her story with us! She is a good friend to Hendricks, and now the Randazzos as well! She has an incredible perspective of love for people. She talks about some big events she went through in middle school, getting rejected a few times at Wesley Foundation at UGA, and how she ended up leading worship at a pretty big church in ATL.

I am so excited for you to get to know her more and hear her story! She is currently working on her own solo project, so we'll keep you updated with when and how you can listen!



Music: Marco Randazzo
Hosts: Chris Randazzo & Taylor Hendrick
Graphic Design: Ashley Evans
Production: Chris Randazzo
Special thanks to my wife Jodi Randazzo for the incredible dinner she made for all of us!!


May 1, 2017

We loved getting to talk to Brett Trapp for a while! Brett is a friend of ours, but he is also one of the best communicators you'll ever meet or listen to! During the podcast we talked about his story, what it's like to be gay in the church, and then everything from healing prayer to the 3 ways most people approach the gay issue.

You can find out more about his story at or the audio story at



Music: Marco Randazzo
Graphics: Ashley Evans
Hosts: Chris Randazzo & Taylor Hendrick

Special thanks to my wife, Jodi Randazzo, for the incredible dinner she made for all of us before the show... the true highlight of the evening. Thanks Jodi! 

Apr 2, 2017

Josh Turner is on a staff at River City Church. We loved talking to Josh about his experience with the Church throughout his life. He shared with us how he and his wife, Sarah, started River City Church, what it was like growing up in mega-church culture, and how he processes not putting himself on a pedestal in his church as a pastor. 

River City Church:

RCC Podcast: 


We enjoyed drinking East Pole Coffee while recording. It's quite the upgrade to the normal Dunkin Donuts coffee we've been drinking. East Pole is an Atlanta-local coffee roasting company. You can sign up for their newsletter on their website, as well subscribe to get East Pole coffee shipped to your door on a monthly basis.

East Pole Website:


Music by Marco Randazzo

Hosts: Chris Randazzo & Taylor Hendrick

Graphic Design: Ashley Evans

Production: Chris Randazzo

Thanks to East Pole Coffee for providing the coffee.

Special Thanks to my wife Jodi Randazzo for letting us use the guest room to record and for taking a phone call outside in 30-degree weather so she wasn't loud during the recording of this episode.


Feb 18, 2017

Mark Casper joins us to talk about his church story. Mark shared with us about his experience growing up in the Methodist church, wanting to take a break from Christianity in college, a few awesome retreats, as well as an incredible church experience in Charlotte!

Read and subscribe to Mark's blog, "Sons & Orphans" at

A huge thanks to these folks for making this happen: Graphic Design: Ashley Evans & Mark Casper, Music: Marco Randazzo, Chris's wife Jodi Randazzo for letting us use the guest room as a recording studio.

Jan 27, 2017

In this episode Taylor talks about his story with the church. He grew up in the church, mostly Baptist in nature; became involved in a large college ministry at Clemson, and then went into helping churches plant in Atlanta. After moving across the country, he's come full circle back in to small church in the ATL area, and excited about the future. 

Jan 20, 2017

This our first episode yet! We discuss what Church Over Coffee is all about, how it started, and then Chris's shares his experience with the church.

Chris talks about growing up in a Christian home, getting angry with God, doubting, and how he has reconstructed his faith amidst doubt.

Special thanks to:

Co-host: Taylor Hendrick

Website: Mark Casper

Music: Marco Randazzo

Design: Ashley Evans


Some of the Churches mentioned:

- Downtown Baptist Church of Orlando

- St. Paul's Presbyterian (Winter Park, FL)

- Cru at UCF (parachurch college ministry)

- Summit Church (Orlando, FL)

- New City (Orlando, FL)

- River City Church (Smyrna, GA)